Top 5 outdoor filming locations in Hong Kong

You often hear people say "Hong Kong is really beautiful". Let me introduce you to some beautiful and free filming locations!

1.Bridges Street

The "Red Brick Building" frequently seen in many movies is located on Bridges Street. The architecture here blends Chinese and Western styles, making it feel like you're on a street in England. It's a great choice for filming vintage scenes!

2. Victoria Peak Garden

Victoria Peak Garden offers a panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, and the wide grassy areas make it a romantic and beautiful backdrop for filming scenes at sunset or with a blue sky and white clouds. It's especially suitable for filming wedding scenes.

3. Lover's Bridge in Shek O

Also known as the Blue Bridge, the dreamy powder blue colours of Lover's Bridge are full of European charm. Many couples come here specifically to take photos, making it an excellent location for capturing romantic moments.

4.Ho Wo Street

Ho Wo Street, nicknamed the "Hong Kong version of Miami", is a newly emerging hotspot in recent years located near the Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Tunnel. It has a long coastal embankment, tropical palm trees and an unbeatable ocean view, making you feel like you're in the United States.

5.Lei Yue Mun Quarry 

Located in Yau Tong, Lei Yue Mun Quarry is only about a 20-minute walk from the MTR station. The area is not only spacious but also has a large area of reeds, giving it a mysterious and desolate feeling.