How to write a Successful Video Brief

A good video brief can improve communication between you and the production team, and it can also increase your work efficiency! Check out these tips for writing a video brief:

1. Understand your target audience

Before writing the Video Brief, you need to understand your target audience to determine the style, content, and tone of your video. For example, if your target audience is young people, the language used in your video may need to be more relatable, and you can use popular music and trendy visual effects to attract their attention.

2. Clear goals and objectives

In the Video Brief, you need to clearly know your goals and the purpose of the video. What do you want to achieve? What is your purpose? Do you want to promote a product or service? Do you want to increase sales or brand awareness?

3. Determine the core message of the video

You need to determine the core message of your video, which is the most important information you want to convey to your audience and needs to be highlighted in the video. If you have more than one message to express, you need to ensure that they can complement each other and not make the video too cumbersome.

4. Provide reference videos and images

Sometimes, a reference is worth a thousand words because everyone's imagination is different, and words may not fully express your ideas. Therefore, providing reference videos and images can help your production team better understand your ideas and expectations.

5. Budget and time

In the Video Brief, you need to clearly list your budget and time, which helps determine what services and products your production team can provide for you. If you have a tight timeline, you need to specify your time requirements, especially the deadline, to ensure that the production team can complete it on time.